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Teichman Group has partnered with Braveheart Marine to bring high performance through flexible service, innovation, and customized solutions for challenging projects.


The Teichman group offers global hydrographic services including:


  1. Submerged Oil Detection
  2. Rapid Site Survey Assessment
  3. Salvage support
  4. Bridge Inspections
  5. Channel Depth Inspections
  6. Pipeline Inspections
  7. ROV Surveys
  8. Multibeam, Sidescan, and Magnetometer Surveys

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The Teichman Group is constantly striving to provided the highest customer satisfaction through innovation and state of the art equipment. Therefore T&T is proud to announce the addition of the T-50 P high resolution multibeam sonar system from Teledyne.  This incredible piece of equipment will provide the most accurate surveys currently possible and allow for more complex projects than ever before.


Wall/Bridge Footing Inspections

T&T has two systems highly suited for inspections. The Coda Octopus provides high resolution subsea 3D mapping and imagery. It allows for rapid assessment without processing time. The T50P from Teledyne offers unprecedented  0.5o beam widths which  coats 6mm depth resolution. That is more than enough to spot defects.

Anchor Search & Recovery

One of the more common jobs in the industry is anchor search and recovery. T&T utilized a combined survey technique of magnetometer and sidescan data to rapidly locate the anchor. T&T's high resolution sidescan system allows for 0.75cm resolution @1200kHz.

Pipeline Survey

T&T uses Teledyne's T50P multibeam sonar system with their PDS 2000 software. This software suite can be run in "Pipeline Detect Mode" which allows the computer system to detect the pipeline and direct more data beams to that location for denser, more accurate data along track and  allows for shorter survey times.

Hydrographic Mapping

Our hydrographic mapping department adheres to the strict data quality standards set by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO). We complete Special Order surveys within shallow water areas at 200% coverage.

ROV Pipeline Inspection

Our ROV systems are capable of surveying at depths up to 1,000ft. They are equipped with lights, HD camera systems, and grabber arms for sample collections or item recoveries. All video is recorded on an SD card for easy sharing and review.

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