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Edward (Ted) Hosking

Senior Salvage Master

T&T Marine Salvage


Ted has been a salvage master for 42 years.


T&T possesses one of the most extensive emergency response networks in the world.  Pre-positioned throughout the world, the Teichman Group of companies own and maintain a comprehensive inventory of state of the art fast response firefighting systems, inert gas generators, nitrogen generators, high capacity dewatering pumps, ship-to-ship (STS) lightering systems, anti-pollution systems, three-dimensional sonar, ROVs, and diving systems. The equipment is packaged so it can be rapidly transported by air, land or sea. The specialized portable assets are complemented by floating heavy lift and salvage support vessels ready to meet both routine and emergency response challenges.

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Salvage & Firefighting


A fire broke out on board a 38,000 DWT chemical tanker causing an explosion at the cargo terminal in Labuan, Malaysia. The fire quickly turned out into a raging inferno sparking off at least three major explosions. T&T and Swire Salvage were jointly awarded an the LOF 2011 contract. An offshore supply FIFI 1 vessel was promptly positioned to fight the fire while salvage team was mobilized from our Singapore base to handle the intense shipboard firefighting operations. After the fire was successfully extinguished, the vessel’s bunkers and approximately 10,000 metric tons of methanol were safely transferred “over the top” since all on board pump systems were destroyed by the explosion and fire.

Floating Hose Transfer


This 20,635 DWT chemical tanker, fully laden with Ethanol, grounded on a coral reef outside Port Esquivel, Jamaica. After T&T’s onboard assessment and computer modeling, it was concluded 5,500 tonnes of cargo needed to be lightered.  Given the shallow area, a floating composite hose ship to ship transfer operation was planned and successfully executed.  Upon completion of the partial discharge of cargo tugs were connected and the ballast water was pumped out on the rising tide on which the vessel safely refloated. Upon refloating the cargo was back loaded and the vessel received a single voyage permit to her discharge port in the United States.



This fully laden 5700 TEU / 67,557 DWT container vessel ran hard aground in heavy weather off Itaguai, Brazil.  After failed attempts by local contractors, T&T was engaged by the vessel interests to undertake the operation under LOF terms.  The refloating required a detailed assessment, air pressurization of breached compartments, removal of bunkers, mud propeller washing and about 250 tons of bollard pull.   The vessel was safely refloated and redelivered to her owners.  After temporary repairs afloat the vessel continued her voyage.

Emergency Towing

Gulf of Mexico

T&T was activated by the owners of this 47,000 DWT laden oil tanker under its OPA’90 SMFF agreement to provide emergency towage assistance and arrange and assist in an ship-to-ship transfer of the cargo. T&T provided a salvage team as well as floating assets during the operation which was successfully completed within 8 days after notification.


Mississippi River

As a result of Hurricane Isaac, this Handysize bulker grounded hard aground on a rocky breakwater near a Lower Mississippi River anchorage. T&T immediately mobilized a salvage team and support vessels to the scene. Since vessel was in ballast, it was necessary to pump out all bunkers, ballast, and fresh water as well as use tug propellers to wash out river mud in order to reduce ground reaction.  Following USCG approval of T&T’s salvage plan, the vessel was safely refloated, inspected and redelivered to her owners in a seaworthy condition.

Emergency Response Semi- Submersible Platform

Campeche, Mexico

This 700 person floating Semi-Submersible Accommodation Platform capsized and sank offshore Campeche, Mexico.   The platform was leaning against a live production platform and within short proximity of a 30-inch live crude oil pipeline.  T&T was contracted by the P&I Club to assess the situation and stabilize the wreck to prevent contact  Services lasted almost for 3 months and included engineering, mobilizing a pull barge, installing chain pullers to restrain the platform.

Salvage of Sulfuric Acid Barge


A chemical barge carrying 235,000 gallons of Sulfuric Acid capsized in the Port of Texas City. Initially the barge rolled completely before coming to rest on its starboard side. T&T immediately mobilized to the scene to deal with the emergency. Salvage and haz-mat personnel, heavy lift assets, fire fighting assets, specialized pumping equipment, diving gear and air monitoring equipment were on scene within hours of the incident. During the recovery an explosive mixture of gases built up in the hull causing extreme pressure on the hull which had to be relieved. T&T divers performed numerous contaminated diving activities while being constantly monitored from the surface for exposure to the spilled product. T&T redelivered the barge to the owner in an upright position within 10 days of the initial capsizing. Despite the ever changing and dangerous situation, this was accomplished safely and efficiently without a single injury.

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