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Port of Colón Fire

A container ship fire in lower cargo hold occured on September 30th. The containers were removed from the vessel and the fire was quickly extinguished. The containers on fire were found to contain charcoal.

T&T Salvage Refloats Containership

T&T Salvage and their strategic response partner, Cabras Marine, successfully refloated a 17,000 ton fully cellular container ship that went aground near Micro Beach in Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands.


Ship Salvage with WWII Era Torpedo & Mines

From Irina Tabakina - What began as a typical grounding response quickly turned into anything but when the initial dive survey turned up a World War II era torpedo and unexploded mines around the vessel.  The salvage operations were immediately suspended and the vessel crew was evacuated until an Explosives Ordinance Disposal (EOD) team could be activated to assess the risk. Upon inspection of the casualty site, the EOD team made the initial determination that the devices did not pose a serious threat; however, there was yet another twist in store for the salvage team as severe weather was now approaching the island and threatening the vessel.


Salvage Master, Albert Dai, knew a refloating attempt needed to be made immediately. With no time to waste and with the support and agreement of the Unified Command led by the USCG Federal On-Scene Coordinator, the Salvage Plan was promptly approved by the Unified Command.  The Salvage team and vessel crew quickly returned to the vessel, and after reducing the ground reaction, the vessel was safely maneuvered to deep water with the assistance of three tugs.


Oil Spill Response Operating Company (OSROCo) also had personnel and equipment on standby for immediate response, in the event of any oil spill during the refloating process.  Once afloat, the vessel was shifted to a safe berth where an underwater inspection of the hull was carried out. There were no injuries and no pollution during this potentially dangerous operation. “This was not your usual walk in the park…the USCG provided outstanding support leading to a positive outcome,” said T&T’s Project Manager DeeAnn Ebanks. T&T Salvage, is a member of Teichman Group, committed to serving the emergency response needs of the shipping and energy industries under the highest standards of safety and quality.


T&T to Remove Beached Vessel in Texas

By Eric Haun - The captain of a passing vessel contacted Sector Houston/Galveston watchstanders just after noon Tuesday and reported a vessel listing with marine growth and drifting about 20 miles southeast of Freeport. A Station Freeport 45-foot Response Boat — Medium boatcrew located the vessel that afternoon but weren't able to go aboard due to safety concerns. Another of the station's boatcrews located the vessel Wednesday and observed that the engine room was full of water and all the electronics in the pilot house had been removed.

Wednesday the Marine Safety Unit Texas City personnel contacted the National Pollution Funds Center to acquire funding to mitigate the potential pollution threat and hired T&T Salvage. An Air Station Houston MH-65 Dolphin helicopter found the vessel aground Thursday morning south of Freeport.

Marine Salvage Saves Time, Money, Lives & the Environment

By Greg Trauthwein - Our Vice President Jim Elliott is interviewed on the benefits of marine salvage.

Though maritime transportation is unequivocally proven as the safest and most environmentally benign means to move goods from ‘point A to point B,’ it is a given that accidents do happen. When they do, having a qualified, competent marine salvage company around can be the difference between minor incident and major tragedy. For insights on the maturation and future of marine salvage sector, MR reached out to the leadership of the American Salvage Association (ASA) for answers.


Cargo Ship Catches Fire at Corpus Christi

From gCaptain - A general cargo ship has caught fire while moored at the Port of Corpus Christi, Texas, with the extent of the fire currently unknown. The fire broke out just before 3 p.m., according to local reports. Photos show smoke billowing from the ships cargo holds. The Corpus Christi Fire Department is currently on scene. According to a Facebook update from the fire department, it appears that wooden supports below deck used to support the cargo is what is burning. The ship is located at cargo dock 9, the fire department says.

T&T Salvage Promotes New Manager, Vessel Services

T&T Salvage, LLC announces that Mrs. Jessica Acosta has been promoted to Manager, Vessel Services. Based in T&T's head office in the North Houston area, Acosta will be responsible for the daily management of the vessel services team of OPA 90 Compliance Specialists as well as interfacing with the compliance needs of T&T's ever-growing client base. Acosta's talents extend beyond her unique ability to find effective compliance solutions and inject creativity into T&T's marketing efforts.  Jessica's superb graphic design skills will continue to serve as T&T's branding and outreach mainstay.


"I have great confidence in Jessica's leadership abilities," said DeeAnn McMillen, Director, Vessel Services. "This new leadership appointment will allow us to deliver an even higher level of service to our worldwide OPA 90 - SMFF clientele."


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