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Director, Great Lakes

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T&T Marine Salvage


Mike has been working with T&T for 15 years. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience about lightering, pumping, submerged oil recovery, and fast water containment and recovery.


T&T owns and operates one of the largest inventories of specialized pumping equipment including portable hydraulic submersible pumps, Zone II class approved HPU's, oil/chemical hoses, portable inert gas generators, portable nitrogen generators, fendering systems, and hot and cold tapping systems. These systems are packaged for immediate mobilization worldwide.


Our engineers develop carefully engineered plans to safely and efficiently remove cargo while taking vessel stability and hull strength into consideration.

The Teichman group offers lightering & pumping services for:


  1. Oil Tankers (Heavy Oil, Light Oil)
  2. Chemical Tankers
  3. Cargo Ships
  4. Bulk Carriers
  5. Subsea Vessels
  6. Tank Farms
  7. Rail Cars
  8. Potable Water During Natural Disasters


Emergency Lightering

Tuxpan, Maxico

This 13,000 DWT laden chemical tanker ran hard aground on a reef near Tuxpan, Mexico.  A chemical tanker was mobilized and anchored off the casualty to receive part of the Caustic Soda cargo.  The ship to ship transfer of about 4,000 metric tons of cargo was safely carried out via special floating hoses.  Upon completion tugs were connected and, by a combination of de-ballasting and pulling, the vessel was safely refloated.

Emergency Lightering

Tanjung Priok, Jakarta Indonesia

This fully laden 57,000 DWT bulk carrier ran aground off the entrance to Tanjung Priok, Jakarta Indonesia.  Approximately 7,500 tonnes of steel cargo were discharged to a local lightering barge. Upon completion of the discharge operation an 8000 BHP tug was connected to the stern and the vessel was refloated by a combination of de-ballasting with the high tide approaching. After refloating a diving inspection was conducted and the vessel received permission to come into Tanjung Priok port for complete discharge of cargo.

Hazardous Material Lightering

Lake Erie, USA

The 120' tank barge Argo, foundered and sunk during a storm on Lake Erie in 1937. It was identified as a potential pollution threat by NOAA's Remediation of Underwater Legacy Environmental Threats (RULET) program so a site assessment was conducted. The Argo was found to be leaking an unknown extremely toxic and explosive substance containing benzene. It was thought that the cargo in 1937 was 4,762 barrels consisting of a 50/50 mix of benzol and crude oil. It was unknown how much material remains in the hold. A temporary patch was implemented until the EPA could conduct further analysis. The naval architects with T&T developed a hot tap plan for the emergency lightering of the Argo's cargo. T&T safely removed the cargo on November 20, 2015 and submitted it for HAZMAT remediation.

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