T&T has a great respect for the sanctity of the environment and the fragile marine ecosystems in which the company works. That is why T&T is second to none in its ability to quickly and effectively respond to both marine and land-based pollution mishaps. T&T offers worldwide pollution control services that include underwater bunker/cargo removal, oil spill recovery and cleanup, hazardous material response and disposal, AMPD coverage, remediation and sales of equipment and sorbents.


T&T's oil containment and recovery equipment inventory includes an extensive array of oil skimming systems both for in-shore and offshore applications with a combined rated recovery capacity in excess of 300,000 barrels per day. It also boasts more than 250,000 feet of oil containment boom. In addition to this T&T, along with our partner Braveheart Marine, have developed a system for the electronic detection of submerged oil as well as oil in the water column.


T&T is the only Salvage and Marine Firefighting provider also classified as a US Coast Guard Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) .

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Floating Oil

Oil Skimmer / Floating Containment

T&T uses oil skimmers to recover floating oil and has more than 250,000 feet of floating booms to contain and slow its progress. T&T's containment and recovery equipment have a combined recovery capacity in excess of 300,000 barrels per day.

Submerged Oil

Surveys and Hydraulic Pumps

T&T develops oil recovery procedures depending on the type of material that is spilled. Heavy crude oils that sink to the bottom can be located using hydrographic survey equipment. Different techniques can then be used to recover the oil.

Submerged Oil

Rotary Dredging System

The rotary dredge system utilizes an onboard hydraulic pumping system to pump submerged oil to decanting tanks for oil/water separation and/or to storage tanks or barges.

Response Personnel

Highly Trained Professionals

T&T has over 150 trained oil spill response technicians including certified incident managers, hazardous materials specialists, and aerial observers. We also have trained UAV pilots that can give responders a view of the oil plume from above.

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